May all the lizards in the porch gardens of the seventh ward sleep well tonight

May they bathe in the kindness of the sun in the morning

Lacy rays through the basil

Cool shade under aloe

As they wake pale green skin sings

Soft sunlight streams through and blesses hello.

Lazy feet over leaves in the planter box

Uncurl and recurl of the tail on a rock

Fingers grasping vegetation

A conversation with creation

Unsung and unseen forever

The whispers carried through the wind and heavenward

Bask in the streetlamp,

Porch light,

Moon drinks it all in.

Lays on your bed

Till you slither off to sleep

Rustle goodnight in the grass

Garden Lizard Lullaby

Forrest Condon is a recent University of New Orleans graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. When he isn’t writing, he’s walking his dog or riding the bus. Sometimes he stands in the rain, but only when no one is looking.