Traipse around the arcade with a flourish

like your life depends on it

The spectacle of the circus

The market square in the town center

My echolocation discombobulates my inner

ear and confounds my faulty thus

flowering heart

Jacob Schepers (@JacobSchepers) is the author of A Bundle of Careful Compromises (Outriders Poetry Project 2014) whose writing has appeared in or is forthcoming from such places as Verse, [PANK], Midway Journal, and Heavy Feather Review. With Sara Judy, he edits ballast, an independent online literary journal.


To lose myself in love and folly I windowshop

for a discounted tire swing that promises

to carry off the world

when pushed above a certain tree line

to leave me suspended

midjump and looking down to see

the Atlantic City Boardwalk

beneath my feet and likely

to stay there as I spin

swiveling my head to take it all in