There is something else

there beneath it all

the sweet feeling that you could

just let it all go after all

that the ride won't always kill you

how it can be a joy to be taken for one

thing and made into another

by the very experience of pain

we are opened by things

we don't see coming

people, seasons of grief

of grudge and hard-in-the-hollow

then the sweet drink of night

big ole gulp of mercy

do you know that it can be ok sometimes

even if it ain't

that if you stay with a thing long enough

it becomes something else

I wanna tell you we're like that too

rough rubbed smooth in the cold water

the best thing to do when you're angry

is to take off your shoes and put your feet in the dirt

feel the hurt

let something else speak through it

for once

listen in

don't cash your life in early

stick around a while and be amazed

by it

of all the ways it could go

that it goes like this..

Some Days

James Diaz (They/Them) is the author of This Someone I Call Stranger (Indolent Books, 2018) All Things Beautiful Are Bent (Alien Buddha, 2021) and Motel Prayers (Alien Buddha, 2022) as well as the founding editor of Anti-Heroin Chic. Their most recent work can be found in Rust + Moth, Sugar House Review, and Thrush Poetry Journal.