this Golden Island knew

the Minotaur was locked

inside, watching the ‘gulls

plucked from the sun

piece by piece in the rays

as he hums Father’s hymn,

baby bastard

baby bull


the queen mother moaned

with the handsome bull

inside, clutching her breast

her womb was combed

piece by piece out of lust,

the Minotaur spit by Father,

baby bastard

baby bull


Sister is fair, clever

to boldly lead her lover

inside Father’s maze

where other men were torn

piece by piece by hooves,

teeth gripped, remembering:

baby bastard

baby bull


but the Minotaur watched

that Precious Boy fly

under a sun god’s eye

only to be caught

inside the god’s hands,

romantic, stark resemblance—

baby bastard

baby bull


Father can be heard

with rage. at night

the Minotaur waits

for a moon god

to hold him. to be held.

he was held once by Mother

who blessed him as Asterius

a prince’s name.

inside the labyrinth’s center

the Minotaur shivers

hearing Sister’s lover

approaching with a lust.


when the Minotaur raises

his head high, blessed by blade

from Sister’s naivety.

he mourns Mother again, torn

piece by piece, quietly

trying to hum Father’s hymn,

baby bastard

baby bull

Emancipation from Sister’s red thread

Lillian Morton is a writer in Northern Colorado whose poetry has appeared in Laurel Moon and Polaris. She will be graduating with her English degree from Colorado State University in May. Born in Southern China, she lives in Fort Collins with her miniature schnauzers. IG: @mortonsdesmortons