First Bat

The way the sun glissades

After you’ve spotted the first bat

Nudging the sunset shindig

Gloaming across these elysian fields

Shading the page of dusk.

Thoughts ~ Oh yes, some seeds of heeds.

When the fire-pit sparks and a log likely lunges

And perception naturalizes the keenness of such a mighty moment

For digressions into the deep.

How the red sky mixes with purple lace

Embroidering lavender streaks

Before the early black….

Wait-putting all grand regards aside,

Take that needle off the record~ Where are they?

It’s past time

For the little backyard mixer.

Said they’d be over

By first bat?

Kim Hazelwood is the founder and poetry editor of The Green Silk Journal online since 2005. Publications: The Way You Just Shine (2021) and CoyoteBat! (2011,2021), a children’s book. Currently she is crafting a second book of poetry.