Begin Again

If you think in terms of nouns you will suffer.

But if you think in terms of verbs you will not suffer.

(Buddhist reading)

I am a threadbare carpet

Without a next life—

But that is not true!

There is always something left

For the next life

For my essence (a flawless waltz)

will continue in another form—

this is true.

Nothing of me shall be eclipsed.

Mariposas flit near the abbey’s sills

As vesper sparrows flash

white tail feathers in flight.

One of them could be

My former consciousness

Singing in its delicate throat.

After all, snow remembers.

Silk feels its slithery source.

Piano keys wait to live.

Marc Frazier, a Fort Lauderdale, LGBTQ author has published poetry in over one hundred journals. A recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Award for poetry, he’s been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and two Best of the Nets. Marc has published four full-length poetry books all available online. Website: